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TITLE: Textile Lab QA Specialist



1. Perform testing functions. Use laboratory equipment and procedures to evaluate the physical characteristics and quality of textile materials.

2. Research. Use test data and previous research to examine various topics relating to filled textile products. Use this information to form hypotheses about test results, trends, future research and fomulate conclusions about materials. Design and perform experiments and analyze research.

3. Understand and interpret test data and results. Use information from test data to reach conclusions or expectations of certain materials. Gain an intuition about how samples may or may not perform based on the material and end use of the product.

4. Work with regional offices and third party laboratories to coordinate off-site testing.

5. Customer interaction and customer service. Work with customers who may or may not be familiar with textile QA testing and results; especially how it relates to filled textiles. Set up/maintain testing programs for customers.



1. Completed several college courses in textile fundimentals (analysis, testing, manufacturing, etc.). Preference will be given to graduates of textile programs from recognized textile universities.

2. Proven ability to manage several projects at one time and work under regular deadlines.

3. Some travel may be required.


Benefits Available:

1. Paid Leave

2. Health & Dental Insurance

3. Profit Sharing

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