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Down and Feather Testing

IDFL is the world's largest down and feather testing laboratory

  • 12,000 samples per year
  • 50,000 tests per year
  • Clients in 52 countries

IDFL provides the following services:

IDFL Tests according to the following standards:

  • EN (Europe)
  • JIS (Japan)
  • IDFB (International)
  • GB (China)
  • VSB (Switzerland)
  • AS (Australia)
  • USA 2000
  • K (Korea)
  • Canada
  • CNS (Taiwan)

Quality Assurance of down and feather material and finished products is a difficult challenge.

  • Down can be blended in unlimited combinations
  • The fillings are not transparent to the buyer
  • Products must be cut open before examining
  • Testing requires experienced analysts
Down in Tweezers

IDFL offers experienced staff and test procedures:

  • Some staff have 20-30 years experience
  • Double testing by two different analysts
  • 4-step review of all test results
  • IDFB Certified laboratory
  • EDFA recognized laboratory (Europe)

Please view and download our Down and Feather Testing brochure here.
Please view and download our Finished Product Testing brochure here.

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