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Audits and Certifications

In the down and feather industry, the sourcing of products leads to some of the following questions:

  • Where do down and feather materials come from?
  • How are down and feathers collected from the birds?
  • How do the birds live and how are they treated?
  • How are down and feather products manufactured?
  • What is the process for ensuring the quality and cleanliness of down and feather fill material and finished products?
  • Are proper testing methods being implemented?

The path from a farm to the retail store can involve many suppliers and processes. As a result, IDFL offers audits to producers, buyers and retailers who want to know more about their raw materials and finished products.

IDFL has the experience and expertise to help buyers ensure that the quality and origin of raw materials meets client specifications. Our audit topics cover everything from supply chain traceability to internal factory processes.

IDFL Audit Services

IDFL Traceability Certification and Supply Chain Audit

IDFL offers a supply chain audit and certification program to help increase transparency of a company's supply chain and verify supplier compliance to traceability and other common practices such as animal welfare.

The IDFL traceability certification and supply chain audit may include the following audit services:

  • Traceability Consultation
  • Supplier Verification and Compliance
  • Risk Assessment for Live-Plucking and Force Feeding
  • Animal Welfare Compliance
  • Geographic Origin of Down and Feathers

IDFL will provide the client with an audit certificate. Compliance reports for supplier improvement can also be done as part of the audit.

Please contact IDFL at for IDFL traceability certification and supply chain audit application information

DOWNPASS Certification

IDFL is an approved certification body and auditor for DOWNPASS.

DOWNPASS is an association of member companies that all adhere to a high standard of down and feather supply chain traceability and quality. The Downpass aim is to implement a globally valid and recognized system to ensure that worldwide demand can be met from ethically sound sources. Companies, including down and feather suppliers and brand names, are eligible to join DOWNPASS upon application. For application requirements, please contact DOWNPASS at

DOWNPASS member companies that comply with the association and audit requirements can use the Downpass label.

There are currently two Downpass traceability standards

  • DOWNPASS 2016 - Modular Standard including basic traceability compliance requirements and no live-plucking. Modules include options for traceability to the farm. parent farm, and force feeding.
  • Downpass 2017 - Zero Tolerance Standard. Includes all the following criteria:
    • No moult harvesting
    • No live-plucking
    • No material from the foie gras production (force feeding)
    • Monitoring the breeding conditions
    • Traceability back to the referring breeding area
    • No parallel production on farm level
    • Quality checks of filling material by accredited testing institutes

For more information regarding DOWNPASS standards and requirements, please visit their website:

Please contact IDFL at for Downpass audit application information.

EDFA Compliance ("Code of Conduct" and "Traceability Standard")

IDFL is an approved certification body and auditor for EDFA.

The abbreviation EDFA stands for European Down and Feather Association. The association, which was founded in 1980 and has its headquarters in Mainz, is currently made up of more than 90 companies and national organizations from 23 countries. The aim of the association is to sustainably represent the interest of members from the bed feather industry, the feather-filling industry and their suppliers (machine industry, chemical industry, ticking industry, and test institutes). The EDFA is particularly committed to defending consumer interests and animal welfare. Companies, including down and feather suppliers and brand names, are eligible to join the EDFA upon application. For application requirements, please contact the EDFA at

For more information regarding EDFA standards and requirements, please visit their website:

Please contact IDFL at for EDFA audit application information.

IDFL Laboratory Evaluation and Audit

Many factories have internal laboratories to test and assess the quality of the down and feathers they are processing or filling into products. Unfortunately, not all of these internal labs have proper equipment, trained personnel or good laboratory practices. IDFL laboratory audits can include, but are not limited to:

  • General Laboratory Conditions
  • Adherence to Generally Accepted Laboratory Practices
  • Adherence to Official Testing Methods
  • Skill Level of Laboratory Technicians

IDFL Factory Audit

To help improve the long term quality of products IDFL can evaluate the general condition and cleanliness of a factory. IDFL can also evaluate the flow of the materials in the factory to identify potential risks and problems. IDFL limited to:

  • Down and Feather Processing Capabilities
  • Cleanliness
  • Material Flow & Separation
  • Working Conditions
  • Sewing Process
  • New Supplier Evaluation
  • Adherence to Specific Guidelines, Codex or Association

Completion Times and Price Quotations

An estimate of time and cost will typically be quoted after the first visit. A final cost will be determined after the audit is complete and will be included in the final invoice along with expenses incurred during the audit process.

IDFL will require payment from whoever signs the Audit Agreement. Other payment options are also available. Please discuss with IDFL auditing staff or accounting personnel.

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