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Bale Locking

Bale Locking helps prevent substitution of inspected material after inspection and before shipping. It is very helpful when shipping bulk down and feathers.

Process of Bale Locking

The process of Bale Locking is usually done after bags of raw or processed down have been compressed into a bale for shipping. The bale lock (a small locking cable) is wrapped through the bale and snaps into itself.

Why Bale Locks are secure.

The bale locks used by IDFL are one-time use locks. Each lock is uniquely marked and has an individual number to allow for tracking. The list of bale lock numbers is supplied to the client.

The only way to unlock them is to break the lock. This gives the client the ability to verify if the bales have been switched or tampered with

Bale Locking and Sample Collection

The bale locking service should be done in conjunction with a sample collection. The client can verify that the down received at the destination location is the down that was actually sampled and tested before shipment.

How to Request Bale Locking

Contact IDFL at an email address or phone number listed at the bottom of the page.


Bale Locking is $1 per lock plus:

Hangzhou, China Area $75 Per Day
Mainland China $100 Per Day
Other Asia$300 Per Day
Other Countries$500 Per Day

Client pays all travel expenses. 24-hour advanced notice required.

*Prices can change without notice.

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