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Consulting & Research

IDFL a leading research facility in down and feather products. We work closely with experts across the industry. We have the expertise, knowledge and a large database to perform a variety of consulting and research projects based on a client’s needs.

Testing Data Research

Clients may request a variety of searches and trend reports for the entire line of down and feather testing as well as many fabric tests. Such research may help clients in developing specifications and see trends in material components


IDFL offers consulting on a number of topics:

  • Down and feather quality trend data
  • Correlation between test results
  • Evaluation of client results
  • Evaluation of factory for improvements
  • Development of client quality control programs
  • Development of client product specifications

Expert Witness and Court Reports

IDFL’s expert staff can provide testimony and expert opinion in legal cases related to down and feathers and other filled products.

How to Request Consulting & Research

Contact IDFL at an email address or phone number listed at the bottom of the page.


Consulting and Research:

Mainland China $500 Per Day
Europe €1,000 Per Day
$1,000 Per Day$1,000 Per Day

Expert Witness and Court Preparation:

Mainland China $1,000 Per Day
Europe €2,000 Per Day
All other countries$2,000 Per Day

Client pays all travel expenses. Adequate advance notice required.

*Prices can change without notice.

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