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Container Monitoring

IDFL has programs to help monitor the loading and processing of outgoing shipments.

Inspection Before Shipment

IDFL can inspect the shipment to verify the quality and/or the quantity of products before the products are loaded onto containers.

Container Loading and Monitoring

Along with the services of sample collection and bale locking, IDFL can supervise the loading of containers and then monitor the containers to ensure that the bales of down and feathers are not switched out after the samples have been tested.

Securing and Locking of Outgoing Containers

To eliminate a supplier from tampering with containers after inspection by switching merchandise, IDFL can secure and lock outgoing containers. Our inspectors can check the container once it is loaded and then lock the container. The serial number of the lock will be transmitted to the receiving client for verification.

How to Request Container Monitoring

Contact IDFL at an email address or phone number listed at the bottom of the page.


Container Monitoring: $20 per container plus:

Hangzhou, China Area $75 Per Day
China Mainland $100 Per Day
Other Asia$300 Per Day
All Other Countries$500 Per Day

Client pays all travel expenses. 24-hour advanced notice required.

*Prices can change without notice.

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