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In October 2010 the European Down and Feather Association (EDFA) adopted a CODEX or Code of Conduct and a Traceability Standard that EDFA members are required to follow IDFL can audit supply chains to verify compliance to these standards.

EDFA Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct expects EDFA members to:

  • Maintain and support good animal husbandry.
  • Abide by the live-plucking pledge which prohibits use of illegally live-plucked down and feather material.
  • Include a declaration about live-plucking in sales contracts and general terms and conditions.
  • Have the origin of down and feathers entered into documentation system.

EDFA Traceability

The EDFA Traceability Standard requires that EDFA members and their suppliers can verify that they follow EU rules and regulations for all aspects of animal husbandry:

  • In general, the birds must not be caused any unnecessary pain, suffering or injury.
  • Harvested material must follow exact rules in removing down during the molting process.
  • European sources must include the HACCP license number for slaughterhouses and breeding facilities.
  • For non-European sources, certificates must be signed by the supplier, collector, slaughterhouse or breeding farm that certify that down and feathers were collected from slaughtered birds or harvested according to EU standards.
  • Documentation from the breeder or slaughterhouse then continues up the supply chain.
  • EDFA members must agree to have supply chain audited especially for non-European suppliers.
  • If the down and feathers comes from rural supply chain structures, evaluation may be different.

EU Cleanliness & Sterilization Requirements

IDFL can also complete audits to verify compliance with EU cleanliness and hygiene rules for down and feathers processing and sterilization.

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