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Factory Cleanliness & Material Flow

To help improve the long term quality of products IDFL can evaluate the general condition and cleanliness of a factory. We can also evaluate the flow of the materials in the factory to identify potential risks and problems. We will work with factories to correct any deficiencies.

Laboratory Evaluation and Audit

Many factories have internal laboratories to test and assess the quality of the down and feathers they are processing or filling into products. Unfortunately not all of these internal labs have proper equipment, trained personnel and good laboratory practices.

IDFL can audit an internal laboratory for:

  • General laboratory conditions.
  • Adherence to generally accepted laboratory practices.
  • Adherence to official testing methods.
  • Skill level of laboratory technicians.

Factory Audits to Evaluate New Suppliers

IDFL can help clients evaluate factories before making decisions to sign new production contracts.

The quality and capacity of the factory can be evaluated by IDFL staff. We can look at the down and feather factory process, sewing process, material separation and flow, working conditions, factory cleanliness and any other areas clients require evaluation.

Custom Factory Audits

Clients can develop special audit specifications for evaluating factories. IDFL will follow client specific programs to audit factory processes and facilities.

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