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Sample Collection

Sample Collection by an independent 3rd party helps ensure that samples really represent the material being processed and helps stop vendors from shipping a 'special' sample for testing. IDFL can visit factories, warehouses, and retail stores to randomly collect samples for testing.

Bulk Down and Feather Samples

IDFL will sample bags of bulk down according to IDFB sampling procedures. The material will be forwarded to IDFL for required testing.

Fabric Samples

A few swatches of fabric will be taken from bulk fabric rolls for testing in IDFL’s fabric lab.

Finished Product Sampling

IDFL will sample finished products from the production line or from boxes ready to ship. The sampling will be done according to IDFB sampling procedures or client specifications. Required testing will be completed on the selected products.

Retail Store Sampling

Clients can request IDFL to purchase samples from retail stores anywhere in the world. Products will be forwarded to IDFL for testing.

How To Request A Sample Collection

Please visit for a sample collection form or contact IDFL at an email address or phone number listed at the bottom of the page.


Sample Collection Fee is $10 per sample plus:

Hangzhou, China area$75 per trip
China Mainland $100 for ½ day, $200 for full day
Other Asia$300 per day
All Other Countries$450 per day

Client pays all travel expenses and costs of purchased products.

*Prices can change without notice.

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