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Audit Scope

Comprehensive Entire Company Audit

The Comprehensive Audit reviews the entire supply chain for all products produced and sold by a client.

Single Source Audit

The Single Source or Single Leg Audit is ideal when only a single supplier and its sub-suppliers need to be audited. This audit may be chosen for various reasons and can help identify the origin of the down from any specific supplier. The single source audit can also be used when an additional supplier is added to the supply chain and only the new supplier needs to be audited.

Single Buyer Audit

The Single Buyer Audit limits the audit to products sold to a single buyer. The buyer can be a retailer, other factory, or a trading company.

Retailer Audit Review

Major retailers source products from a variety of companies and suppliers. Making sure that all of these different supply chains are clean can difficult. IDFL can assist the retailer to make sure that all of the suppliers meet the requirements of the chosen audit topics.

Yearly Audit Update

IDFL audits are valid for one year or less. (An audit is void if the supply chain changes during the year.)

To renew an audit, IDFL will check for changes in the supply chain. Once IDFL confirms that no additional legs, sub-suppliers or sources have been added and the conclusions of the original audit report still apply an updated report and certificate will be issued.

If there have been changes to the supply chain IDFL can perform an audit on the changes only and then verify that other information has not changed.

IDFL recommends that a Comprehensive Audit be performed every 5 years.

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