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Audit Topics – Supply Chain Audits

Risk Assessment for Live-Plucking

This audit provides an in-depth evaluation of the entire supply chain to identify potential risks of using live-plucked material. IDFL can determine whether material is 1) a by-product of a slaughterhouse, 2) legally harvested during molting periods or 3) illegally live-plucked. Working with suppliers and sub-suppliers, IDFL will trace the materials along the supply chain all the way back to the farm.

Evaluation of Bird Husbandry

The treatment of ducks and geese is important to many consumers and retailers especially in Europe. IDFL can visit the farms and slaughterhouses to evaluate how the animals are treated. We can look living environments, transportation, slaughterhouse processes, feeding practices and other aspects relating to good husbandry.

Purity of Duck or Goose Material

Some clients require 100% purity of species. IDFL can evaluate the risk of “mixing” species through supply chain audits and specie testing.

Geographic Origin of Down and Feathers

If requested, IDFL can verify the national or regional origin of down and feathers through supply-chain audits and special Isotope Testing.

Supplier Verification

Suppliers may make claims about the source of materials. However, materials and products often change hands several times before they reach the store shelf. IDFL can monitor material along the entire supply chain with our global offices.

Other Audit Topics

IDFL is prepared to work with clients on developing custom audit programs covering any number of subjects. Please contact IDFL.

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