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IDFL China - Xiaoshan Hangzhou, Zhejiang China

CIQ Office

IDFL China is very proud to work in the world’s newest, most up-to-date testing laboratory. IDFL China’s partner, CIQ Xiaoshan has built an incredible testing facility. CIQ Xiaoshan is the Chinese National Feather and Down Key Laboratory. IDFL China’s joint cooperation with CIQ allows expedited testing of samples for export to any country in the world or for the Chinese domestic market.

An estimated 75% of the world's down originates from China. Much of this material is shipped to Hangzhou for a final washing and assembly into finished products. IDFL China is located right in the middle of China’s self-proclaimed “Down Town” in the Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou.

For thousands of years Hangzhou was a main stop on the Silk Road that connected Eastern and Western traders. Today, that tradition continues with thousands of textile factories within driving distance of IDFL China.

IDFL China staff offers accurate, fast testing and inspection services in the heart of China’s textile industry. Feel free to visit IDFL China anytime. We welcome visitors for a tour of the lab with our great staff.

West Lake in Hangzhou China
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