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Customs Requirements for Sending Samples to USA

In order to ensure that your samples arrive at IDFL with no delay and pass customs requirements, please take the following steps:

If sending bulk down:

  • Place bulk down material in a sewn cloth pillow
  • Write on sample, “Down Sample for Research from Finished product”

If sending a finished product:

  • Write “Sample for Testing” on the product or packaging
  • On customs form, state the product is a finished product

Bulk or finished product documentation:

  • Include an original signed document stating:
    1. “The exported materials bear samples of Feather / Down taken from or destined for finished jackets, pillows and other down filled products.”
    2. Document must correspond to the shipment by means of an invoice number or shipping marks, lot number or other sample identification method.
    3. “The material is clean, dry, and free from blood, skin, and manure. The material was subjected to a heat treatment of 120° C for 30 minutes prior to export.”
  • Include a copy of the IDFL Research Permit. It can be found here

If all of these documents are included, a veterinary health certificate is not needed with the sample, and the sample should clear customs without problems. Please contact IDFL any time with questions.

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