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How to Prepare and Send a Sample to Send to IDFL

Sample Size

  • Bulk Down: Send AT LEAST 200g in a cloth, plastic, or paper bag (Cloth pillow if sending from Asia)
  • Finished Product: Send entire product. IDFL will ensure careful mixing of entire filling
  • Fabric: Send at least 2 m2 (2yd2)

Testing Time

Same-day RUSH and other rush services are available for most testing items. The normal testing time is 8-10 days after sample arrival at IDFL. Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays are not counted in RUSH service days.

Same-Day Rush

Notify IDFL in advance. Sample must arrive by 12:00 am to guarantee same-day service.

Please see our page about Customs Requirements for more information about sending samples to our USA office.

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