Collection and Inspection

IDFL performs a number of services at the factory level that help provide greater assurance and peace of mind in regards to quality. Some of these services include:

  • Sample Collection - In conducting a sample collection, IDFL will send a representative to the factory, warehouse, or retail store to randomly collect samples for testing. Sample collections conducted by IDFL ensure that tested samples represent the material being processed and mitigates risk of "special" samples submitted for testing. 
  • Tamper Prevention - Tamper prevention, such as bale locking and box seals can be used to further mitigate any additional risk after collection of the sample has been made. 
  • Container Monitoring - Container monitoring is the examination of the final product while being packed into the container for shipment. Additional samples are collected as controls and an IDFL lock is used on the container to ensure that it is not opened before arrival. 

IDFL has experience and expertise in collection the following types of samples:

  • Bulk Down and Feather Samples - IDFL will arrange for sample collection at the factory location and randomly select bags (or bales) of bulk down according to IDFB sampling procedures to be sent directly to IDFL for testing. 
  • Fabric Samples - IDFL will arrange for sample collection at the factory location and randomly select swatches taken from the fabric rolls to be sent directly to IDFL for testing. 
  • Finished Product Sampling - IDFL will arrange for sample collection at the manufacturer or retail location and randomly select finished products (either from production line or ready-to-ship boxes) to be sent directly to IDFL for testing. For down and feather finished products, IDFB finished product sampling procedures can be used. 

Sample Collection and Tamper Prevention Process:

  1. Request and Testing Forms: Once IDFL receives your request and testing forms, we will begin making preparations for the collection. We will contact the supplier and determine a time and date. We suggest that the date be made in advance and include time for testing as not to delay shipping deadlines.
  2. Sample Collection and Tamper Prevention: An IDFL inspector will go to the supplier facilities and verify the purchase order information and shipment. They will randomly collect the requested number of samples. If the sample requires tamper prevention (such as bale locking or box seals), the inspector will bring locks (or seals) used to prevent any tampering with the materials before shipment. Pictures are taken and important information is recorded. 
  3. Sample Collection Report: A report will be generated and sent to you with information about the sample collection. When tamper prevention is requested, a list of each lock (or seal) with its corresponding IDFL number will be included on the report which can be used as verification when the shipment arrives at its destination.
  4. Testing Report: The collected sample (or samples) will be brought back to IDFL for quality testing according to the requested testing items and lead time. Upon completion, a test report will be sent for review.
  5. Approve Shipment: If the test report is passing, you can approve the shipment with the supplier. If the test report if failing, you may want to contact your supplier and determine further actions.

Container monitoring services may be conducted with or without a previous sample collection.  During a container monitoring, the inspector will go to the supplier and observe the loading of the container, collect another sample for reference, and lock the container with an IDFL lock. A report of the monitoring is then sent for review. 

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